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My metalsmithing journey began in 2008. I work mainly in sterling silver and incorporate brass, copper and gold into my creations. Unique crystals and gems are chosen with intention to help tell the story of the finished piece. I try to make as much as I can by hand which means ear hooks, posts, clasps, ball pins and other findings are created from scratch in my studio. Incorporating as many hand created elements as possible is very important to me, I believe it breathes life into each piece. This also means that each Wild Soul sacred adornment is as unique as the beautiful soul who wears it.

Being completely self-taught has supported my creativity immensely as I work freely, without rules. Making jewellery is a joyful and healing practice for me, surrendering to inspiration and allowing creative energy to flow through my hands.

Why do I do this? Because I want you to feel beautiful. Empowered. Brave. Inspired.I want you to put on your piece of Wild Soul and go out into the world shining your light so brightly we need sunglasses. I want you to stand in your power and live your dreams. Because you can.

My intention is to create sacred adornment that is not only pleasing to the eye but also showcases a natural raw beauty that stirs something within you. Jewellery has been viewed as a sacred adornment for thousands of years and the magic remains today.

A prayer built of metal, stone & passion. A center for you to return to, a reminder that you are powerful and beautiful in all your wild ways.










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